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Bringing the best to Japan

The TonenGeneral Group imports the optimal mix of crude oils and feedstocks from around the world. We efficiently produce a wide range of petroleum and petrochemical products at oil refineries in Japan and export some of these products overseas. We also maintain an integrated supply chain of importing, refining and manufacturing through to distribution, sales and exporting. We apply the world's most advanced technologies and expertise to all of our business activities to bring the best to Japanese consumers.

The TonenGeneral Group maintains a petroleum supply chain from the transportation and refining of crude oil to the manufacturing, distribution and sale of products.

Crude oil transport:Crude oil used by the Group is transported safely and efficiently from various regions including the Middle East, Russia, West Africa, Australia and Southeast Asia to our four refineries in Japan. Refining and manufacturing:With safety as our highest priority, our refineries and chemical plants produce LPG, gasoline, naphtha, kerosene, diesel oil and other petroleum products, as well as chemical products, at low cost using advanced refining and production technology and rigorous quality control systems. Distribution:Petroleum and petrochemical products produced at our refineries are transferred to various regions and distributed to customers. We are committed to safe and efficient operations. Sales:Our service stations make full use of ExxonMobil's expertise. They provide fuels, lubricants, petrochemical products and services of the highest global standards to meet the needs of our customers.