Refinery Overview

Kawasaki Refinery

The Kawasaki Refinery is located in the Keihin coastal region, a convenient area for land and marine transport adjacent to the Tokyo metropolitan area, Japan's largest consumer market. Situated on the same site as Tonen Chemical Corporation, an importer and manufacturer of petrochemical products, this modern refinery is organically linked to the ethylene production and other facilities of the Tonen Chemical plant, enabling mutual product supply, sharing of facilities and organizational integration for a highly efficient production system.

Address 7-1, Ukishima-cho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa
Telephone 044-288-8301
Commenced Operations Tonengeneral: 1960, Tonen Chemical: 1962
Area 2,050,000 square meters
Crude oil processing capacity 268,000 barrels per day

Sakai Refinery

Sakai Refinery is situated in the center of the coastal area of Sakai City, which adjoins the southern part of the Osaka metropolitan area, a large consumer market in western Japan. With the introduction of the first bottom loading system in Japan at its shipping terminal, the largest in western Japan, the refinery has enhanced its environmental protection and safety efforts as well as expediting its loading operations. The energy efficiency of Sakai Refinery is also among the best in Japan. The refinery's favorable location, along with its environmentally sound, safe and efficient facilities, contribute significantly to its competitiveness.

Address 1, Chikko Hamadera-cho, Nishi-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka
Telephone 072-269-2011
Commenced Operations 1965
Area 770,000 square meters
Crude oil processing capacity 156,000 barrels per day

Wakayama Refinery

Wakayama Refinery, located in a quiet residential district on the Pacific coast adjacent to bountiful fishing waters in a region known for its production of Arida mandarin oranges, conducts its operations with the greatest attention to safety and environmental protection. With a long history of over 70 years, the refinery is an integrated production center for gasoline and other commonly-used fuels, as well as aviation gasoline, automotive test fuels, lubricants and chemical feedstocks including benzene, toluene and xylene.

Address 1000, Hama, Hatsushima-cho, Arida-shi, Wakayama
Telephone 0737-85-1010
Commenced Operations 1941
Area 2,480,000 square meters
Crude oil processing capacity 132,000 barrels per day