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Bringing the best to Japan with integrity

Elements of our group began operations in Japan in 1893, and we continuously strive to apply the world-leading technology and expertise we have acquired over our history of more than 120 years to supply high-quality products and high-value-added services to our customers.

The TonenGeneral Group was created in June 2012 as a Japanese-owned group of companies featuring integrated production and sales operations, with roots in the former Mobil Sekiyu, Esso Sekiyu, Tonen, and General Sekiyu. We subsequently strengthened our core businesses with the addition of NUC (formerly Nippon Unicar) in 2013 and the business integration of MOC Marketing (formerly MITSUI OIL) and Kyokuto Petroleum Industries in 2014.

TonenGeneral Group petroleum products are manufactured at refineries in Japan that boast the highest level of energy efficiency in the country, and are sold under our trusted brands, Esso, Mobil and General. We lead the industry with initiatives such as the introduction of Speedpass, our quick and easy payment system for fuel purchases, and the expansion of our self-service station network.

Our network of Express brand self-service stations, which operate under the concept of the quickest, easiest refueling service in the cleanest, most comfortable facilities, currently includes over 1,000 sites. We also continue to expand the network of alliance sites we have rolled out with Seven-Eleven convenience stores. In our lubricants segment, we utilize world-class technologies in products such as Mobil 1, our synthetic motor oil, to contribute to energy conservation and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in Japan through efforts such as helping to improve automotive fuel efficiency. At our chemical plant, which has been integrated with our refineries, we produce high-value-added, high-quality petrochemical products. These products, marketed both in Japan and overseas under brand names including T-SOL, T-REZ and NUC, contribute to the convenience and quality of people’s daily lives.

In addition to strategic investments in our core businesses, we have been developing our business in growth areas. Having identified the electric power business as a growth option, we established the Electric Power Business Department within our organization in August 2014 and invested in biomass power generation. We are laying the groundwork for full participation in the electric power industry, having submitted a preliminary environmental impact statement in January 2015 in conjunction with an environmental assessment based on applicable laws, for the construction of a natural-gas-fueled power generation plant on the premises of our Shimizu terminal.

The organization and culture of the TonenGeneral Group are characterized by our focus on safety and corporate ethics, and we consider maintaining the integrity of all of our business operations to be of the utmost importance. Attention to safety, health and the environment is the foundation upon which we base all of our operations. As a result, our employee lost-time incident rate continues to be among the lowest in the industry. In addition, our energy conservation efforts in both our petroleum and petrochemical segments have been officially recognized by the Ministry of Environment, Trade and Industry. TonenGeneral has achieved the government's energy benchmarks for three consecutive years, and wholly owned Group subsidiary Tonen Chemical Corporation for two consecutive years.

To become Japan’s premier energy company, we are committed to our mission of maintaining a stable supply of high-quality products, offering high-value-added services and making meaningful contributions to our customers, employees, shareholders and local communities. Our employees stand at the front line in implementing this mission. The TonenGeneral Group is an efficient team of select employees that attracts highly skilled human resources. We endeavor to foster an environment in which competent personnel can fully develop and demonstrate their capabilities. Our efforts to support the health and well-being of our employees have been awarded the highest rating of “A”, along with special recognition, by the Development Bank of Japan under its health management rating scheme. In addition, we have been selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange as a “Brand of Companies Enhancing Corporate Value through Health and Productivity Management (KENKO KEIEI Brand)”.

Our essential goal is to contribute to society through our business. We look forward to your continued patronage of the TonenGeneral Group.

May 2015

Jun Mutoh
Representative Director
TonenGeneral Sekiyu K.K.

Jun Mutoh