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Bringing the Best to Japan

TonenGeneral Sekiyu K.K. Representative Director,President Jun Mutoh

The new TonenGeneral Group was created in June 2012 through a business alliance that united refining and sales, centered on TonenGeneral Sekiyu. The shift signifies a reorganization under Japanese ownership of the ExxonMobil Japan Group, which was created in 2000 by combining the former Esso Sekiyu, Mobil Sekiyu, Tonen, Tonen Chemical and General Sekiyu. Over a history spanning 120 years we have cultivated the world’s most advanced technology and expertise. Today we are an integrated production and sales company owned primarily by Japanese shareholders and striving to fully apply the technology and expertise gained over the years to serve our customers in Japan.

TonenGeneral Group petroleum products are produced at refineries in Japan boasting world-class energy efficiency and are sold under the trusted brands of Esso, Mobil and General. In our marketing segment, we lead the industry in expanding our network of self-service stations. Our Express brand in particular offers the quickest, easiest refueling service with the cleanest, most comfortable facilities, and the number of alliance sites we have rolled out with Seven-Eleven convenience stores has continued to increase. In our lubricants segment, we have applied leading-edge technology to the development of our Mobil 1 motor oil, thereby contributing to energy conservation in Japan by helping to improve automotive fuel efficiency. In our chemicals segment, we produce competitive products at our facilities, which have been integrated with refineries to enhance efficiency.

Energy is an integral aspect of our social infrastructure and we bear the social responsibility of maintaining a safe, stable supply of high-quality products. Moreover, we recognize that reducing energy costs in Japan by supplying reasonably-priced products is just as foundational to our social contribution as ensuring a stable supply.
How we do business is just as important as the business itself. The pre-eminent concern of the TonenGeneral Group is to mainain the safety, security and health of our employees and contractors, our customers, and the general public as well as to protect the environment. For this reason we have introduced and effectively deployed the Operations Integrity Management System (OIMS), a disciplined management framework, throughout our organization. We also uphold the value of maintaining exemplary ethical standards beyond basic compliance and encourage employees to thoroughly understand that adhering to high standards of corporate ethics is more important than obtaining business results.

As Japan’s premier petroleum and petrochemical company, we are dedicated to the mission of maintaining a stable supply of high-quality products, offering high value-added services and making meaningful contributions to our customers, shareholders, employees and local communities. Our employees stand at the front line of undertaking this mission. The TonenGeneral Group is an efficient team of select employees that attracts highly skilled human resources. Our essential goal is to contribute to society through our business by offering an environment in which competent personnel can fully demonstrate their abilities.
We look forward to your continued patronage of the TonenGeneral Group.

October 2013